Welcome to EVO Logistics

This tool will help you optimize the organisational part of your Corporation or Alliance and therefor make more profit.

Upcoming Features

  • Corporation or License holders personal welcome message
  • Automated payment process
  • Homepage with more Information
  • .. and much more

What can my corporation / alliance do?

You and your corporation / alliance members can do the following with just one click:

  • Create buy orders or find your customer
  • Create sell orders or find your supplier
  • Create courier requests or transport items

Where is the profit?

Everyone in your corporation / alliance can make profit with the following:

  • Sell items to others without searching the markets
  • Buy urgently needed materials for your production chain
  • Create a new production chain due to new sell orders
  • Look for people willing to transport your highly valuable items
  • .. and much more

Why can i not see any entries?

This could have a lot of reasons:

  • Only selected freighter pilots can see other courier requests
  • You are not in the same corporation as others
  • Your corporation does not have a license
  • Your alliance does not have a license
  • .. and much more